The Hospital Management System (HMS) is a computer-based system that establishes an orderly and systematic method of managing hospital and clinic patient records more effectively and efficiently for both out-patients and in-patients.
How to prevent harm to patients during treatment and care in health institutions is becoming one of the most important issues in healthcare. 233Developers, with its incredible support and love for the medical field, want to play a vital role in the patient safety work of many institutions with its modular solution suitable for any healthcare organization from solo practices to corporations.


There are numerous features that a good HMS or HIS (Hospital Information System) must have. Without these features, you are going to probably have nightmares with using your application in your clinic. Though, it all depends on your specifications, size and operations of your hospital, basic features of an HIS/HMS are enumerated with explanations as to how they work. And so are the modules that comes with it.

The foundation of HIS must be designed to include 2 streams:
1. the clinical side; where the medical professional will have access to medical records anytime anywhere in the hospital. Workflows have been designed to facilitate seamless seek/instruction cycle.

2. the business side focuses on patient comfort from a registration and billing stand point.

Decision Support System and Analytics are the Fulcrum of an HIS. With its levels of analysis; native, extended and big data. The entire analytical engine works to efficiently drive the decision making process both from a clinical and business standpoint.

The patient access system is a logical extension of the relevant data sets a patient can see either in a printed way or electronically. This is also a viable option for patients to monitor life style and diseases. Patient education is a key factor all healthcare providers indulge in and this medium is a key catalyst. The hospital can also use this medium as a key channel to collect data for decision making.

Working hard and knowing your finances are matching your hard work is a key to work and happiness. Systems must be built to ensure that there will be no leakages or loopholes in the financial section. Hence, all calculations must be accurate and efficient enough.

There must be an efficient link from the start of operations to the very end of every probably operation in the Hospital embedded in the HMS/HIS. This means, the application should handle all operations and be made to work from A – Z. Where no patient has to end up back to the doctor because a drug on the prescription is not available in the Pharmacy dept of the hospital.

The HIS/HMS, must follow all compliance or standards from the global, regional or protocol standards or must have it seamlessly integrated into its core.

The security of the entire application must be high to prevent both data loss to outsiders or general loss of data. Losing data in either way causes a huge loss both financially and efficiency to the operations of the Hospital.

Modules That should be featured in a detailed HIS/HMS
  • Patient Registration and Appointment Scheduling Module
  • Doctor’s workbench/CPOE
  • Clinical Pathways & Order Sets
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Outpatient Management Module
  • Inpatient and Ward Management
  • Nurse’s Module
  • Emergency Management
  • Patient Billing and Insurance Module
  • Pharmacy Module
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Radiology Management Module
  • Dietary Module
  • General Stores/Inventory
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Blood Bank
  • House Keeping Module
  • Analytics/Decision Support System
  • Mobility
  • Financial Accounting Module
  • Fixed Asset Module
  • General Employment Module
  • Payroll Module
  • Services Module
  • Application usage Help Guide/Tutorials

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