#Club100 and #RevolutionIsNear Promo

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#Club100 is a revolutionized way of bringing pro-grade world class websites to 100 business entities and corporations in Ghana and beyond.

The #Club100 aims at getting each company or business entity an absolute professionally designed world class website which comprehensively gives them an exclusive global presence, with the native touch of beauty and flare in modern web development.

Benefit of joining the #Club100 is quite surprising. We are given away awesomeness in pro – grade design and class with a high level of security in our server systems to our clients and their website.

At 233Developers, we boast of Quality Services with Exclusive Design Style and will hence wish to make known to our clients, the offers that they will get when they join the #Club100

Join the #Club100 and Enjoy

  • Exclusive professional website (Pro – Grade Design)
  • Free Maintenance for one year
  • Free domain for 5 years
  • Web development (within just a matter of 3 weeks of payment)
  • Free Ultimate Hosting for your website for 2 years

Free Unlimited Disk Space with the Free Hosting

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 99.99% assured up time – This means your website will basically never be down! It will be running for at least 99.99% of the time accessed24/7 security
  • monitoring and DDoS protection
  • Regular backup and Restore
  • Free Premium After Sales Support for 1 year
  • Responsive Design
  • Free Social Boost for 5 days on facebook/Instagram or Facebook/Twitter based on your preference, every month for 3 months
  • Free Professional Email for 2years (e.g yourname@coolexample.com)
  • Sync email across all your computers, smartphones and more.
  • Use your new address right away with our easy setup process.
  • Fraud, Virus & Spam Protection on Emails
  • Email privacy & protection with 256-Bit Encryption
  • Search Engine Visibility – Get more visitors by easily optimizing your site for Google®

And many exclusive features…

Per Month

For Companies that want to take part in the #Club100. Please Download Brochure

#RevolutionIsNear Employment Offer!

The #RevolutionIsNear campaign is a great way of bringing change and revolution to the rate of Ghanaian & ultimately, the global employment under 233Developers’ #Club100 Promo.
This predominantly easy mode of attaining good, quick and legitimate cash earnings, aim at revolutionizing lives of people infected with the disease of unemployment, inadequate salary, joblessness and or hopelessness by giving them an easy to do task with a high paying wage.
233Developers has put all necessary measures in place to make sure the #RevolutionIsNear employment can be made available to anyone of age 16+.
It does not matter whether you are just a simple high school graduate, a university sophomore, university graduate or someone with any form of post graduate education. You are good to go with #RevolutionIsNear so long as you seek a revolution in your financial or employment status.
When you Join 233Developers’ #RevolutionIsNear and #Club100 promo, you enjoy the zenith of income in the business.
You will, as an ambassador of 233Developers Inc., earn an enormous amount of


We do this to make our employees enjoy their new #Revolution
Download Brochure to Read More on How to know if your #RevolutionIsNear and be a part of it!

For employment or to join the #RevolutionIsNear, download the registration form, the #RevolutionIsNear brochure and the #Club100 brochure. Fill it and submit it to us via email.




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